Ventura Retail Park Junction, Tamworth

Aerial photography and the use of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) continues to play a vital role across a variety of disciplines, whether it be environmental management, policy implementation, planning, enforcement, or network analysis.

By bringing previously impossible views into easy reach, drone photography has become hugely popular in several sectors. For example, property developers can now show potential buyers what the view from their new property will look like, while surveyors and inspectors can get an unmatched view into developments at their sites. Marketers can show clients the latest progress on their projects with a bird’s eye view, bringing products and pitches to life like never before.



Using the latest state of the art drone systems and hi-tech camera stabilising equipment, we are able to produce truly stunning and dramatic filming services both on the ground and in the air.

Based in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, UAV Views offers unmatched aerial photography for a variety of needs. Equipped with a DJI Mavic Pro, we can cater for wedding and special event photography, domestic, industrial and commercial properties, help support planning applications and even provide stunning landscape photos for decorative purposes.

To further understand what tailored services we can offer as a business, please feel free to visit our Contact Page and let us know of any questions you might have.

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Burton Flour Mill


Using drones is a great way to obtain images that are almost impossible to achieve any other way. Here at UAV Views, we offer professional level imagery at affordable prices. Whether it is a bird’s eye view photo of your property, or a landscape portrait of your land and buildings, we are sure that we can provide footage that is unmatched on the market.

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Mercia Marina, Willington


Help stand your business / property out from the market with aerial views that showcase the architecture in a before-now, unseen way. High quality images can be used to advertise the business and also display what the location has to offer.

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Drones can help to view a perspective that is both original and unrivalled. Gaining a bird’s eye view can help to see the larger picture and express more detail in reviews and reports.

Contact us now to find out how UAV View’s can help bring to life project reports and provide ground breaking photography of ongoing projects.

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Mercia Marina, Willington

Mercia Marina is Europe’s largest inland marina. Aerial photographs were taken to be displayed within the head office and also used to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the boardwalk. Our client wanted a more up to date display of the marina to use for navigation around the complex and also to showcase the contemporary architecture.

Ischebeck Titan, Burton On Trent

A past client was Ischebeck Titan with new warehouse units design by BiDesign Architecture, Repton. Aerial photos were used to enhance reports and also used to monitor progress whilst providing footage to inspect work throughout the project.   Overall Site View Warehouse Framework Overall Site View Pullback Site View Bird’s Eye View of Site

Domestic Dwelling Photography, Burnaston

A previous client had us photograph their new built dwelling for a portfolio of their own and also photos used to aid a planning application at the rear of the property. Rear View of Property Front View of Property Bird’s Eye View of Property Higher Elevation Land Used for Planning


Barton Marina, Staffordshire

If you require more or specific information please do hesitate to get in touch via our contact page. We are confident that we offer a very competitive set of rates for our tailored services. Final cost will always be dependent on the nature and location of the mission, it’s pre-flight planning and necessary risk mitigation.