Holiday Lettings, Surrey

Situated right on the Green Belt of Surrey, this property is ideal for those looking for a balance between the London life and the British countryside. A collection of 2 two bed apartments, the contemporary design is a gorgeous example of how the modern look can feel so homely. 

Capital Residencies

Capital Residencies is a London based property manager with a portfolio of over 400 properties. The company made contact at the start of 2020 to commission walkthrough videos of their properties within the Chelsea district of London. With each property having a unique feeling, a walkthrough video allowed prospective clients to view a virtual tour of each flat. The scope of work was extended to further cover their vast estate portfolio.

Lichfield ApartHotel

Located in the heart of the city, Lichfield Aparthotel is a collection of 8 apartments that are available for long term rent. With recent work being completed on the property it was a great chance to boost the portfolio with new imagery to showcase the uplifted site.

For this project, individual walkthroughs were shot in each apartment and a video showcasing the overall property was supplied to our customer. This was used to boost property viewings and to interest more potential tenants.