Street Car Photography

Combining both my passion and work is always something I love doing. having been a huge car fanatic for as long as I can remember, I have always loved shooting cars. Whether its cars I have seen in the city or requests by the owners, there’s nothing better than working with such amazing pieces of engineering.

Oak & Home Traditional Buildings

Oak and Home approached Santoy Media in order to produce some professional testimonial videos for future clients of theirs. With properties all across the UK, we travelled to a selection of their previously completed projects to film both the oak framework property and also record a testimonial from the property owners. 

For a showcase of the testimonial videos, please check out their YouTube channel at:

Lichfield City FC Academy

Having known Darren (Lead Coach) for some time, he reached out to Santoy Media to commission some professional sports photography for his football club. With many sportsmen from the club being chosen for overseas scholarships, the drone was used to get some professional video of the players whilst playing their games. 

With opportunities to play at St. George’s park, the club travelled to some prestigious locations. Santoy media got some great action photos of the games, the grounds and also the team during training.

Mercia Marina, Willington

Mercia Marina is Europe’s largest inland marina. Aerial photographs were taken to be displayed within the head office and also used to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the boardwalk.

Our client wanted a more up to date display of the marina to use for navigation around the complex and also to showcase the contemporary architecture.

Domestic Dwelling Photography, Burnaston

A previous client had us photograph their new built dwelling for a portfolio of their own and also photos used to aid a planning application at the rear of the property.

Rear View of Property

Front View of Property

Bird’s Eye View of Property

Higher Elevation

Land Used for Planning